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Weather and Atmosphere Chapter 15 Notes Mountain Snowstorms Source of Mountain Snowstorms: Atmospheric Rivers = moisture streams of air carrying a lot of moisture Pineapple Express = air stream from as far as Hawaii off the Pacific and transports moisture streams to the coast Orographic Lifting = When air is forced to rise sharply along the windward slopes of mountains Characteristics of Snowstorms over Individual Mountain Ranges: Melting level = The altitude in the atmosphere where the temperature equals 0°C Water Equivalent = This is the amount of water there would be if the snow were to melt Storms on the East Slope of the Rockies: “upslope storm” = this describes a winter storm that occurs along the eastern slopes of
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Unformatted text preview: the Rockies and in the plains to the east of the Rockies Two types of patterns can produce the easterly winds needed for “upslope” storms The first pressure pattern occurs when a high pressure system is located to the north of the state. Winds circulate clockwise around a high-pressure center, so that south of the high, the winds are easterly. The second pressure pattern occurs when there is a low pressure center south of the state known as a “four corner low” because it touches the corners of those four states. This low pulls wind up northwest from the Gulf of Mexico and this air is usually warm and moisture laden and leads usually to heavy snows with higher water equivalent....
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