Drama Quiz 2

Drama Quiz 2 - period comes from “Mouse Trap” from...

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Quiz #2 1) The 1 st building made especially for plays in England was ______. The Theatre 2) In the Elizabethan Theatre a great many playgoers liked to stand around the stage and were nicknamed ______. Groundlings 3) The shape of the Elizabethan theaters were often circular or octagonal, like the bear pits in which bears, tied to stakes, were baited by dogs. True 4) In order to understand what has taken place before the play begins, one needs to listen carefully to the ______. Exposition 5) Much of what we know of “traveling players” during the Elizabethan
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Unformatted text preview: period comes from “Mouse Trap” from Hamlet. • True 6) The entrance fee to the theatre in the Elizabethan period was a penny, equivalent to 5-10 dollars today. • True 7) Elizabethans were the first to have females on stage. • False 8) Shakespeare whose masque in the _________ is a delightful short tribute to the genre. • Tempest 9) The Elizabethan masque is _______________. • A special entertainment of royalty 10)Shakespeare began his career as a _______. • poet...
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Drama Quiz 2 - period comes from “Mouse Trap” from...

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