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Peace Corps Volunteer Candidates Leeds Business School Class Project The Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by country of service within the three administrative regions of Peace Corps: Africa Region (Africa): Malawi and Senegal Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia (EMA): Bulgaria and Georgia (2) InterAmerica and Pacific Region (IAP): Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Tonga Africa Region: Malawi and Senegal Malawi - +7 hours EST *Name – Jason Colvin Peace Corps/Malawi Date of Arrival/COS – 2007/? Project - Community Based Natural Resource Management Program AA140 – Business Advising Partner Organization - Chitsanzo Milk Bulking Group Site - Chimbiya, Malawi Email - Phone - 265-911-7823 Skype: NA Jason has been outstanding in all ways in his role as a Volunteer and mentor to other Volunteers in country who seek his guidance on SED matters. He is also a leader on the Volunteer Council. One thing that makes Jason's position so interesting is that he is an SED Volunteer serving in a non-SED sector, Environment, and doing so in an effort to increase environmental/agricultural sustainability into a small business with a farmers' cooperative . While PC/Malawi traditionally ha s had a strict partnership with government ministries, last year PC/Malawi identified five positions out of 22 for Volunteers outside that structure - NGOs, mostly. Jason was placed with a unique project supported by Land O' Lakes and USAID. He is a member of the Community Based Natural Resource Management Program serving the Chitsanzo Milk Bulking Group as a Small Enterprise Development Adviser helping them create sustainable accounting, marketing, recordkeeping, and business planning systems for about 80 member dairy farmers . In addition , he is helping them find ways to increase milk sales and to branch out into other agricultural areas that benefit from the existing infrastructure. He is currently working with the group on implementing a project proposal (funded) to purchase a oil seed press, which will press groundnuts that are so prevalent in the area. Before the planting season, Jason introduced sunflower seeds to the area and they are all over the place as a result. Soon, at harvest they will be pressing for oil, selling it, and using the seed cake as feed for their dairy cows. 1
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Also, his work will be supported by the Universal Nut Sheller, which will be put to use shelling nuts for pressing and as a business enterprise. May 27 th : Updated information from Jason Colvin: Do you have reliable internet access in your site? If not, where do you go to access the internet, how frequently, and at what cost? Do you currently use the internet for email, Skype or both? I do not have internet access at my site. I go to the capital city,
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