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Case%20Study%20Instructions - BADM 4820 Global Small...

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BADM 4820 Global Small Business: Learning Through Service Case Study Instructions 1. Preparation a. Decide on roles within your team: i. Who will do the interviews? ii. Who will take notes during the interviews? iii. Who will review the interview notes to make sure they are complete? iv. Who will do the research on similar projects/cases…on potential sources of funding? v. Who will do the initial draft of the case study (or be in charge of making sure it is done, if the responsibility is shared by several members)? vi. Who will edit the first draft? vii. Who will be responsible for considering Peer Review Team and Instructor comments and preparing the final draft? b. Due Tues., Sept. 9: a tentative project plan with timelines . When must all research and interviews be complete in order to allow sufficient time for drafting the case study and submission of the first draft to the Instructor and your peer review team on Dec. 2nd? c. Communicate with your Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) right away to introduce yourself and set up specific times for calls when the PCV is available for interviews. Also, find out when he/she will be able to check and respond to email. d. Decide whether there are other people who you might also wish to interview (e.g., the Peace Corps Regional Specialist for your region, a former Peace Corps volunteer, etc.) e. You will be preparing a country overview for your case study….so compile a view of the country and doing business in that country from public and Peace Corps sources. You should complete this before your first in-depth interview with your PCV so that you can have an informed discussion with him or her. f. Develop an interview guide/outline for each interview, including how you will introduce yourselves and your project and suggested plans for future communications. 1
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g. After an initial discussion with your PCV, decide on the central theme of the case….for example, the PCV or one or more of his/her clients in an interesting situation, a key decision or a specific problem/issue. 2. Library and internet research a. You will need to do background research on the country and doing business in that country (as noted above). A good place to start is review of the Peace Corps Welcome Book for the country, a copy of which will be provided to your team. b.
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Case%20Study%20Instructions - BADM 4820 Global Small...

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