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University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business Global Small Business: Learning Through Service BADM 4820 T/Th 9:30-10:45 am Koelbel Hall, Rooms 350 and 355 Fall 2008 Instructor: Francy Milner Office: Rm. 412 Koelbel; Telephone: 303-887-2243 Office Hours: T/Th 1:15 pm – 3:15 pm Email: [email protected] COURSE OVERVIEW : This course is designed as a seminar for students interested in business opportunities to meet the needs of those living at what is now referred to as the “bottom of the pyramid (BOP).” We will study the creation and support of local small businesses (microenterprises) in developing countries as a means of eliminating poverty. Our primary objective is to provide students with practical knowledge and experience in developing proactive business strategies to meet the needs of the poor and to encourage them to think critically about how business can make an impact on global poverty. This course will be conducted in partnership with two organizations: The Peace Corps and Friendship Bridge, a Colorado-based microcredit organization. Student teams will learn about the challenges of conducting small business in developing countries while producing valuable information that will help our partner organizations achieve their mission of eliminating poverty through service to micro entrepreneurs in international communities. Texts: Rangan, V. Kasturi, Quelch, John A., Herrero, Gustavo and Barton, Brooke (2007), Business Solutions for the Global Poor . John Wiley and Sons. ISBN 0 7879-8216-4 Mahajan, Vijay and Banga, Kamini (2006), The 86% Solution: How to Succeed in the Biggest Market Opportunity of the 21 st Century . Wharton School Publishing. ISBN 0-13- 148907-0 Polak, Paul, Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail (2008). Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. ISBN 978-1-57565-449-8 Please note that other assigned reading and all course and assignment information, as well as regular announcements, will be posted on CULEARN. 1
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Work Teams: You will each be a member of a 3 to 5 person work team. These teams will work together on a team project (with either the Peace Corps or Friendship Bridge, a non-profit microcredit organization), leadership of two class discussions and peer-review of other team members’ individual presentations and other teams’ project papers. COURSE REQUIREMENTS : Team Projects Each team of 3 to 5 students will work with a project liaison from the Peace Corps or Friendship Bridge on one of two types of projects: Peace Corps small enterprise development – 3 to 4 teams, each working with two Peace Corps volunteers in developing countries Friendship Bridge microfinance in Guatemala (recommendations for marketing and management and governance strategies) – 2 teams Team-Led Class Discussions (2) Each team will lead class discussion on material assigned for two classes. Individual Presentations
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GlobalSmallBusiness%20syllabusMilner%281%29.TR.Fall%2008 -...

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