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Kyle Emerson Russian Film The Ukrainian Michael Jackson The character that I decided to choose for this writing assignment is Alex, who is a young man who is a little confused about who he is. He is the oldest of his siblings, and is a very crucial part of the movie “Everything is Illuminated”. He plays a confused young Ukrainian man who still lives at home with his family and likes to party. He prides himself on very material things; such as the city he is from, the African American culture he emulates, the way he carries himself. He makes a wonderful contrast to his older, bumbling grandfather, because Alex is a bright, loud, and witty character. The relationship between the two expresses the generational divide and how families in Ukraine work. He is also great in interacting with the American Jonathan. Jonathan is so quiet and timid, and Alex is so inquisitive and The film is about a one man’s journey to find out who he truly is after a terrible event that had happened in the past. Alex is the grandson of this man character and he is there to help me in several ways. At the beginning of the movie, I quickly realized that
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Russian Film Assignment - Kyle Emerson Russian Film The...

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