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Handout 12   I. Systems Orientation A. Interdependence – B. Feedback Cycles – 1. Positive 2. Negative C. Equifinality – D. Rules of Communication 1.   Constitutive Rules –  2.   Regulative Rules –  II. Axioms of interpersonal communication. A. The only way to recognize this destructive resistance to change is to understand the axioms. B. One cannot not communicate. 1. 2. Corollary: C. Communication = content + relationship. 1. Every communication two aspects –content and relationship – such that the latter  classifies the former. a. Content  –   b. Relationship  – Metamessages:  Metacommunication: 
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Unformatted text preview: D. Punctuation = The nature of a relationship depends on how both parties punctuate the communication sequence. 1. Punctuation – 2. It becomes a problem when each person sees him/herself as only reacting to – rather than provoking – a cyclical conflict. E. Symmetry = All communication is either symmetrical or complementary (see Handout on Power/Control). 1. The interactional view emphasizes issues of control, status, and power. a. Symmetrical interchange – b. Complementary communication – 2. Healthy relationships include both kinds of communication....
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Handout 12_Watzlawick & Pragmatic Communication0 - D....

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