Handout 15_Giles and Communication Accomodation

Handout 15_Giles and Communication Accomodation -...

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Handout 15 Giles and Communication Accommodation   1. Developed by Howard Giles, Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) states  that:  a. Also includes intergenerational communication, i.e., across different age  groups. 2. Communication Accommodation Strategies a. 2 types of accommodation: i.Convergence      – ii.Divergence      –  1. Maintenance (Underaccommodation)      2. Overaccommodation      3.     a. Social Identity Theory – b. Initial Orientation –       This depends on: i. ii. iii. iv.
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v. 4. Recipient Interpretations – Convergence vs. Divergence     a. The typical approach to CAT assumes that convergence is good and  divergence is negative. However, this is not always true and depends on the 
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Unformatted text preview: recipient’s situation/ cultural context. Attribution theory (trying to figure out why people do what they do) contributes toward understanding this. b. CAT is also highly dependant on social power structures. E.g., c. Divergence can also have mixed benefits, e.g., 5. Critiques of CAT a. Tends to be oversimplified and ambiguous in its definition of “accommodation” – the term sometimes refers to any convergence, and other times specifically to convergence (remember semantic uncertainty?) b. Difficult to experimentally test the theory as a whole. Researchers often work with subsets of the theory, or “mini-theories”...
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Handout 15_Giles and Communication Accomodation -...

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