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Syllabus - candidate with opposing viewpoints this is a...

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Kyle Emerson 10788220 During a debate for GOP presidential candidates, an article on prison planet was about how they think CNN “cheated” presidential candidate Ron Paul during a public debate. The primary definition of a debate is, "A discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints." ( Prison Planet, 5 th paragraph) They were all asked a series of questions, and they debated over the questions and issues. The point of the questions asked, are to see who as an individual, fits for you as who we want as a nation’s leader. Mitt Romney was asked 17 questions, McCain received 15, and Ron Paul had only 5. The website Prison Planet believes that CNN is trying to shape how the nation votes, by not asking Ron Paul the same amount of questions as the other the candidates and not giving him the proper exposure. In fact, they say that as well as getting asked such a small amount of questions, that they interrupted him countless times. They believe CNN was sabotaging Ron Paul. The articles say that since he is the only
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Unformatted text preview: candidate with opposing viewpoints, this is a deliberate way to regulate. It also says how they think this “debate” is more of a PR stunt than a true debate by deceiving the nation. Prison Planet also says later in the article, this is how frontrunners are picked, and this is how the media corporations promote its own candidates at the cost to everyone else. I believe this is a problem, and I have seen it countless time while watching CNN or FOX, they use their Media Monopoly to influence the public by making their coverage biased. It should be the people deciding who becomes president, but instead it’s the media who shows you only who they want us to see and then the general public picks from the ones with media coverage. That is a complete and total shame. Citation Ron Paul Cheated Again During CNN "Debate" Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Thursday, January 31, 2008...
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