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Chemistry 3570 (CHEM 3570) Organic Chemistry, Fall 2008 Location : Baker 200 Time : Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:05am or 10:10am Instructor: Jón Tryggvi Njarðarson E-mail: [email protected] Office: S. T. Olin 482 Phone: 254-5035 Office hours: Wednesday 11am-1pm and Friday 3-5pm (in S. T. Olin 482) Teaching Assistants: Jason Morton (jm427) : Monday 2-4pm & Wednesday 7-9pm Michael Mulzer (mfm68) : Monday 7-9pm & Thursday 2-4pm Erin Dunn (ewd23) : Tuesday 2-4pm & Friday 4-6pm Pasquale Iacono (pi36) : Thursday 7-9pm & Friday 2-4pm Dan Mack (djm358) : Tuesday 7-9pm & Wednesday 2-4pm Please note that due to high volumes of e-mails and the inherent inefficiency of answering chemistry questions via e-mail, we ask that you address all questions to TA’s during office hours and use e- mail only for critical matters . All of the above TA office hours will be held in Baker Lab G02 Course Coordinator: Ms. Pat Hine E-mail: [email protected] Office: Baker 131 Phone: 255-5287 All administrative issued such as add/drop forms, any form requiring a signature, requests to be excused from an examination, and requests for re-grading will be handled by Ms. Hine. Textbook: Organic chemistry, 5 th edition (Paula Bruice) Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006. ISBN: 013163163 Study Guide: There is a study guide/answer book to accompany the text and it has been packaged with the text at a very economical price (ISBN: 0131963287) Molecular Model Set: Any good molecular model set is highly recommended (for example, ISBN: 0-205-08136-3 and 0-9648837-1). A model set from Prentice Hall has been packaged with the textbook/solutions manual. You ARE allowed to bring your model set to all exams for your use so I encourage you to buy one and learn how to use it to visualize structures. ACE Organic: This is a great support website, which provides plenty of practice problems and other useful features that should prove helpful for the course. We have convinced the publisher to also include access code to this website in the bundle you can buy at the
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bookstore. The publisher (Pearson Prentice Hall) has created a custom website for the textbook ( ), which gives students dual access to both the companion website for the Bruice text and ACE Organic. If you are interested, you can purchase an access code by going to this website and select “ Get Access ”. I-Clickers: Also included in the textbook bundle is an I-Clicker. These clickers are being used in around 20 different classes at Cornell (many of you might already be familiar with those from Roger Loring’s CHEM207 class). You can purchase them individually at the bookstore (they sell used ones). I would like you to bring your I-clickers to every class. I plan present 1 or two questions each class the require I-clicker participation. This is a fun and useful tool that allows more class participation in addition to serving as a great indicator of which topics are challenging and which ones are not. Additional Class Support – CHEM 1057:
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Chem3570Fall2008Syllabus - CHEM244 Organic Chemistry II...

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