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Practice Midterm - Development Sociology 101 Introduction...

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Page 1 of 5 Development Sociology 101, Introduction to Sociology Instructions : On the answer sheet, please color in, using #2 pencil, the letter that corresponds to the best answer to each question (3 points each). 1. According to Jonathan Kozol in the excerpt from his book entitled “Savage Inequalities”, which of the following was NOT a challenge at the Martin Luther King Junior High School in East St. Louis? a. raw sewage seeping into the school b. large class sizes c. old or out-of-date textbooks and other learning materials d. unqualified teachers 2. According to Mark Rank in “Welfare Recipients Living on the Edge”, what is the most prevalent problem among welfare recipients? a. lack of marketable skills b. constant economic struggle c. perceptions by others d. delivery of benefits 3. WEB DuBois argued that double-consciousness is produced by: a. racism b. the generalized other c. the experience of seeing yourself through other’s eyes d. the end of the system of slavery and the emancipation of African-Americans 4. The moral logic of race __________ the moral logic regarding individual rights articulated in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. a. is consistent with b. is reinforced by c. contradicts d. is relevant to 5. Race is defined as a. a subordinate moral category assigned to individuals on the basis of a physical characteristic b. an economic disadvantage that is associated with some physical characteristic c. a genetic marker for a disadvantaged social group d. a morally determined genetic disadvantage 6. The racial status of Mexican Americans has origins in a. slavery b. the failure by local authorities to implement a federal guarantee of property rights c. the “Trail of Tears” death march d. the defeat of La Raza Unida political party
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Page 2 of 5 7. According to Karyn Lacy’s paper entitled, “Black Spaces, Black Places: Strategic Assimilation and Identity Construction in Middle-Class Suburbia”, which of the following is NOT a reason given by black parents for sending their children to white colleges? a.
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Practice Midterm - Development Sociology 101 Introduction...

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