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Chapter 2 The first three chapters provide the foundation for the rest of the course. You should spend extra time working through these chapters, to ensure that you have the information you will need to successfully complete this course. Following, you will find my suggestion for working through ALL the assigned chapters in this textbook. Carefully read the chapter, carefully studying the exhibits. As you work through the chapter, there are check points and related check point exercises (page 82-82) for you to check your progress. Then turn to page 76. Read through the questions to see where you would find the information requested. You will need some of this information to solve the end-of-chapter problems. The next step is to work through the summary problem on page 77. The answers are there for you to check yourself. If you will look through the lecture notes for Chapter 2, you will find exercises that you
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Unformatted text preview: can work through to help you understand this first chapter. Also, on the website, you will find a tutorial that you should work through. Next you should click on the Discussion Board question for Chapter 2. In order to earn the total points possible, you should actively participate in finding the correct answer by making your observations and responding to your classmates observations. After you have completed the above requirements, you should begin on the assigned homework for this chapter: E2-15 (page 88) P2-6B (page 95) P2-7B (page 95) Focus on Financials: YUM! Brands (page 101) Focus on Analysis: Pier 1 Imports (page 102) Solutions to the exercises for this chapter are presented in the Chapter 2 Course Documents on Blackboard....
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