Bio lab write-up - Concentration of Cell Division by...

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Concentration of Cell Division by Location in an Onion Root Tip Adam Klagues Brian Richard Kyongmin Song Milwaukee School of Engineering BI-102 Section 002 October 5, 2008 Abstract
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This study was conducted to determine if the concentration of cells undergoing mitosis was higher in the tip of the root as opposed to near its base. This was said to be true in a guide to the plant cell. Two different onion slides were examined and 3 different pictures were taken from both the front and back of each slide. The number of cells undergoing mitosis were then counted, and a clear difference was seen, and was statistically significant (p=3.9x10 -7 ). No confounding variables were discovered, but the experiment may be able to be redone to determine if there is a specific area on the root with the highest concentration. Introduction Both plant and animal cells undergo mitosis, but whereas animal cells divide in all parts of the animal, plant cells only divide in certain parts of the plant, the most prevalent is the root. 1 2 Specifically, the closer to the tip of the root, the concentration of cells that will be undergoing mitosis will be higher. Methods
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Bio lab write-up - Concentration of Cell Division by...

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