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Adam Klagues Adam 1 10-8-08 Dr. Zimmermann Hu 100 Hans Dieter Tylle: An Artist of the Working Class The Man at Work Collection is the world’s most comprehensive collection of artwork depicting the labors of the working man. One of the first masterpieces one views upon entering the building is the mosaic spread upon the floor. Though not crafted by Hans Dieter Tylle, it was designed by him, and it was constructed by Gabriel Mayer (Artistic Details). The design shows a special way of looking at work. The five vocations shown, farmer, weaver, blacksmith, foundry worker and miners, are all described as manual labor, and have an almost negative association in today’s world of automation. However, Tylle puts them in the light showing that their sacrifices were important for our world to get where we are today. Indeed, even the placement of the place can be viewed as symbolic. In order to truly enter the museum, you must tread over these workers, just as it was there works that contributed to every part of our daily lives, although there methods are now mostly outdated. Finally, the mosaic aspect can be thought of showing how many people have contributed to the world by doing these jobs, just as the tiny colored pieces form together to make the image. Looking up, one notices another of Tylle’s works. Upon the ceiling of the staircase is a
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Man at Work Paper - Adam Klagues 10-8-08 Dr. Zimmermann Hu...

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