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Budget and timeline CJA 334

Budget and timeline CJA 334 - Budget and Tmeline CJA 334 I...

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Budget and timeline CJA 334 I think the most expensive form of research would be a large number of interviews or case studies with many different people. This is because interviews require a great deal of personal involvement, which will certainly consume a greater amount of time, and personnel. Case studies could perhaps be even more expensive because they require a level of detail even more pronounced than in an interview. The more case studies or interviews that are conducted in a study, the higher the cost will be. This is because either more time will be needed by the researchers to acquire the necessary information with an adequate level of detail, or more personnel will be required to conduct interviews. The least expensive research method is probably an internet-based poll or survey. This only requires the purchase of a domain name, and the regulation of the website. No paper is required to be sent in the mail like paper- based surveys, so this cost is mitigated. Researchers have no need to interact directly with participants,
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