socio 169 family assessment paper

socio 169 family assessment paper - decisions are taken by...

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Setiadi Gunawan Socio 169 FAMILY ASSESSMENT PAPER October 16, 2007 Background: I analyze desperate housewife for this assignment. Since, too many families in the film so I choose one of them which is Bree van de kamt’s family. Basically, she has a husband and two children. Her profession is a housewife. Her husband is called Orson Hodge, he is a dentist. Her children are Andrew and Danielle; both of them are high school students. 1. What type of family and are they (nuclear, single parent, etc) They are a nuclear family because the family has one father, one mother, and children. 2. Identify at least three family roles (breadwinner, gatekeeper, health officer)? In this show, the breadwinner is Orson Hodge, the father because he is the only person that works in the family. Her wife does not work, she is a housewife. Most of the
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Unformatted text preview: decisions are taken by Bree, so I think she is the decision maker. Also, she is the problem solver. She makes a way when the family, especially when her children have problems. The role for the financial officer and health safety officer are taken by her. She is the one that keep the family safe. 3. What is family’s life stage according to Duvall? According to Duvall, the family is in the 4. What are 2 strengths this family demonstrates? 5. What is at least 1 challenge it is experiencing? 6. Draw a genogram of the family. FATHER ORSON HODGE MOTHER BREE VAN DE KAMT CHILD ANDREW CHILD DANIELLE 7. Draw an ecogram of the family. Mrs. Kamt Mr. Hodge Andrew Danielle...
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socio 169 family assessment paper - decisions are taken by...

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