ps4_08 - EE 350 PROBLEM SET 4 DUE 30 September 2008 Reading...

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EE 350 PROBLEM SET 4 DUE: 30 September 2008 Reading assignment: Lathi Sections 2.3 and 2.4 Exam I is scheduled for Thursday, September 25 from 8:15 pm to 10:15 pm in room 102 Forum for all sections. The exam covers material problem sets 1 through 3, and laboratory #1. The exam is closed-book, but you may bring one 8 1/2 by 11 inch note sheet, Calculators are not allowed as graphical/scienti±c calculators are capable of graphing functions and solving ODEs: skills that you must be capable of doing by hand. Carefully read section 2.4-2 in the text which presents a graphical interpretation of convolution. This approach yields signi±cant insight to the convolution operation and is an important tool that will be used in technical electives such as Introduction to Communications (EE 360), Discrete-Time Systems Analysis (EE 351), and Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing (EE 453). Recitations sections will meet during the week of September 22. Problem 19: (30 points) In this problem you will use experimental data to estimate the capacitance and inductance used in Laboratory #1. Using these estimated component values, you will compare the simulated and measured zero-state unit-step response of the series RLC circuit for three different values of series resistance. 1. (6 points) In problem 13 you determined that the rise-time t r of a ±rst-order system is related to the time constant τ as t r = τ ln(9) . This result can be used to predict the rise-time, or estimate the time constant given the rise-time. The latter fact enables you to determine the value of the inductor and capacitor used in Laboratory #1. The MATLAB
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ps4_08 - EE 350 PROBLEM SET 4 DUE 30 September 2008 Reading...

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