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Final paper grade correction

Final paper grade correction - Final Paper Education work...

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iopasdfghjklzxcvbnmrtyuiopasdfghjklzxcvb Final Paper Education, work and marriage 6/28/2008 Lise Vincent
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Before I start my essay, here is the interview I had with Elsa Roche. I consider her like my American mom and everything she told me was so interesting that I decided to put everything down before I analyze the issues, related to women studies, she had to face during her life. I will also highlight the passages I will use in my essay. (This was written as she spoke) Growth and Development There were lots of messages about being a good girl. That meant doing what parents, teachers, and adults in general told me to do. Good and polite and respectful behavior was expected. Being “good” also meant doing my absolute best in school and attending church with my family on a regular basis. I knew what was expected, although I don’t recall my parents ever sitting down with me to explain their philosophy of parenting. I did, however, hear from them when they didn’t approve of something I had done or said. My biggest challenge with all this expectation was keeping quiet when I disagreed with authority figures. It didn’t matter if it was my parents or grandparents or teachers. I was known for my “smart mouth”, which can be interpreted as being argumentative and always ready to challenge authority figures. This was not always a good thing. I was frequently punished for being “sassy”. My only after-school activity was piano lessons beginning at age 8. I had lessons twice a week, so I practiced every day. I loved it and don’t remember my parents ever reminding me to practice. As a child I loved pretend games. I had a vivid imagination and, since my brother was 5 years older, I played by myself much of the time . I loved my dolls and would make up elaborate stories involving them. I was also very protective of my dolls and belongings in general and really wasn’t crazy about sharing any of it when other children came to visit. I loved to roller skate and bicycle with my 2 best girl friends and we had sleep-overs frequently. As for games, I learned to play dominoes with my grandparents. My friends and I played Monopoly, Sorry, Parchisi, Chinese Checkers and Clue constantly. In the summers, I spent many weeks at my grandparents’ farm. My cousin Mark, who was my same age, stayed with me there. He lived in their same town. We played mostly with his toys….cars and trucks (building roads and bridges in the dirt), cowboys and Indians. We made a “covered wagon” out of a regular kid’s wagon. We spent much time with our grandfather, riding in his pickup truck, going here and there. We just wanted to be with him. I wasn’t assigned any regular chores, but I remember dusting the furniture, washing and drying dishes (I always preferred washing), and as a young teen, I learned to mow the grass. I also helped care for the family dog. We had several different ones. I certainly was expected to keep my own room neat as early as 1 st or 2 nd grade.
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Final paper grade correction - Final Paper Education work...

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