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STUDY GUIDE FOR ECOLOGY, ECOSYSTEMS, EVOLUTION, SYSTEMATICS & PHYLOGENY For all lectures be able to define any terms and describe any concepts that were included on the slides, written on the board or talked about by me. Most of the plant lecture questions are given at the end of those lectures – be sure to review those as well – they are study guide questions. You are responsible for anything I covered in lecture, assigned for you to read about (specifically) or we discussed. This is a helpful guide, but you are still responsible for things I lectured on but do not include here – ask me if you have questions! Ecology Lecture List and describe the levels of the ecological hierarchy. What is a community? A population? Etc. Describe the different types of interactions (mutualisms, commensalisms, amensalisms, competition, predator-prey, parasite-host, etc) between species and how they affect the species involved. What are the major interactions of organism in community ecology? How do these interactions affect the “participants”? What are the characteristics or certain participants? Describe the flow of energy through an ecosystem. What is the ultimate source of energy for most ecosystems? How is this energy captured? What factors influence the productivity of an ecosystem? How is energy transferred through the food chain? What are the different levels of the food chain? Give examples of organisms that you would find at each level.
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