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11/13/2015 TestOut LabSim http://cdn.testout.com/client­v5­1­10­217/startlabsim.html?culture=en­us 1/1 5.2.3 Hardware Security Facts Physical security of computers is important because it is relatively easy to bypass security passwords with software utilities. Physical security for hardware should be based on the requirements of each site. Be aware of the following general hardware security guidelines: Guideline Description Checkout policy A checkout policy ensures that hardware does not leave the organization's premises without a manager's approval. Checkout policies could include the following details: Acceptable use is limited to business­specific activities on the device. Software included on the device. Identifying characteristics of the hardware such as the serial number, make and model number. Borrowers must not install software on the devices. Returning the device should be within a reasonable or defined period.
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