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Experiment No. 1 – Mass Determination Chemistry 1411 – General Chemistry 1 South Texas College Summer II 2017 For: J. Medrano By: Kayla M. Reyna Objective:
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To become familiar with the various instruments used for making physical measurements in the laboratory is essential to the study of experimental chemistry. This experiment will allow one to investigate the uses and limits between various types of laboratory balances. Materials: Unknown mass samples provided by the instructor Rubber stoppers Small Beakers Triple beam balance Digital electronic balance Procedures: You will be using two different balances for this experiment, the triple beam balance and the digital electronic balance. Your professor will give you small objects to weigh inside of a beaker. First, you must determine and record the mass of the small beaker that will accommodate the objects whose masses are to be determined. The determination of the beakers mass should be to the level of precision permitted by the balance being used.
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