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Kasha Mansfield-Skurski Dr. Cheu WRA 195H Sec. 4, 3:00-4:50pm Essay 2 Final Draft October 19 th , 2006 The Curable Form of Sexuality In the past one hundred years science has made a lot of progress. With this progress comes that thought that certain unanswered questions can be resolved. The question “why are some people homosexuals and others aren’t?” is one of these thought provoking questions. There are many theories to why people are homosexual. One of the more common of the theories is the theory of genetics. This theory states that there is a gene in the human genome that codes for homosexuality. Dean Hamer wrote that “sexual orientation is established within the first six years of life and since this is so early in one’s life that it must be due to a genetic predisposition” (qtd. in Ordover). This theory is unsupported. People may hope that this is the correct theory, but it does not seem to be the accurate theory. Genetic predisposition: this would mean that people are born with their sexuality already decided. This would also mean that homosexual people wouldn’t have a choice with their sexuality. Medical science has found genes that code for certain characteristics, so having a gene for sexuality would solve the mystery, but this is unconvincing. In a speech by Bernd Schroers in 1995 he spoke of a case study, which found that subjects said “they became aware of their homosexuality at about the same time that heterosexuals in their classes were figuring out their own. This was at about the age of 14” (1). This seems more logical. Hamer stated that at six years old homosexuals know their sexuality, but it seems odd that homosexuals would become aware of their sexuality at an earlier age than heterosexuals. Many people do not decide whether they are homo or heterosexual until they are in their teens or even later in life as mentioned by
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Mansfield-Skurski Schroers. People are still learning about themselves and who they are well into their twenties, so to have such an important part of their lifestyle already figured out by one’s sixth birthday is quite improbable. Taking this into consideration the theory of genetics being behind sexuality is illogical. If homosexuality is not genetic, then this would mean that sexuality is completely social. As a social matter, science could then look to the other theories to find a cure for homosexuality,
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HomosexualityFinalDraft-WC - Kasha Mansfield-Skurski Dr....

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