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Kasha Mansfield-Skurski Dr. Cheu WRA 195H Sec. 4, 3:00-4:50 Final Draft Revised October 10 th , 2006 Psychological Oppression of a Black Man Oppression has been a nuisance on most societies in the past and in the present. The most devious of the different forms of oppression is that of the mind. In Black No More , psychological oppression was a key component in the control of the people of the United States. Many things contributed to this form of oppression; most were not obvious, but all had great influence on the behavior and thoughts of the main character, Max. Because Max had been oppressed his whole life, his definition of beauty and power had been tainted by the thought that white people are mentally superior to black people, making their physical appearance more desirable, which in turn, caused a large separation between the races. In the beginning, the line between the two races was very evident in the living conditions of New York. Most of the black community lived in Harlem, while the naturally white community lived uptown in fancy apartments. Max and others saw the line of distinction and thought that the only way to get uptown was to become white. Max lived in a society where white people were thought to be superior to black people. This was ingrained into citizens’ minds during childhood, making this viewpoint all that they knew for both blacks and whites. Being that these thoughts had been ingrained into their minds, they were being controlled psychologically. Max wanted to be one of the people that he thought had everything: the looks, the connections and the money. He was so influenced by the others around him, that he convinced himself that the only way to be successful in life would be to become a white man.
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Mansfield-Skurski Looking at the world he lived in, he saw that most of the people in office or with a lot of power were white. Very few black men were able to obtain and sustain power for a descent amount of time. Max saw changing his skin color as a short cut that would provide him with an easier way to get what he desires. Seeking power for himself, this notion that white men can more easily acquire what he wants, intensified his desire for this big change. Contributing to Max’s desire, he found it difficult to find women that he wanted. He was always dating women that were light skinned blacks. Although, he would much rather date white women. From years of oppression and of people telling him that white people are superior, he saw beauty as being white with delicate features. One could see this through the women he chose to date. Unfortunately for him, white women had the same thoughts ingrained into their minds. They were taught that they were superior to black people, so they didn’t want anything to
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BlackNoMorePaper - Kasha Mansfield-Skurski Dr. Cheu WRA...

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