Sociology Defining Family

Sociology Defining Family - • Families produce a public...

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Sociology: Defining the Family (8/28) Difficulty in Defining the Family: Nuclear Family (Conjugal Family) – traditional family with heterosexual family and biological children Economic complications with how family is defined: in terms of health insurance through government and companies Social complications: seen as strange if varying from typical definition Varies from culture to culture Typical families are similar to cultural ideals and traditions also similar changes to families in various areas How you define a family depends on what kinds of question you want to ask about family: o How well do families take care of children, chronically ill, elderly? o How well are families providing the emotional response and conditional love? Public Family In Economics: public goods – goods produced by few but enjoyed by many (national security – military)
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Unformatted text preview: • Families produce a public good: children – it’s in our best interest to be concerned with public goods because we will all benefit from them, we should be concerned about children in the family because they are the next generation of society • Social services, education – looking after the children • Families provide another public good by caring for the elderly • Rely on public family to care for the dependents; family very important from the public perspective • Would include adults, a dependent (child), elderly, ill Private Family • Provides intimacy, emotional support, love • Central question: How we obtain intimacy and emotional support from the family and what happens when we don’t obtain it? • Any kind of emotional family, whether or not it does or does not include a dependent...
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Sociology Defining Family - • Families produce a public...

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