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Kasha Mansfield-Skurski IAH 211D Midterm 2 Long Essay Global Interchange In the early centuries of the Islamic era, many ideas and techniques spread throughout the East and West. These ideas and techniques were exchanged in many ways. Some were exchanged thorough war and others through trade. From China came a magnificent piece of art that became wanted by royalty and the people of wealth. This piece of art was white porcelain with blue-cobalt designs. This was brought over on the Silk Road to the Middle East and made blue and white porcelain very popular. Also from the mingling of people on the Silk Road came something else very important to the Middle East. The result of foreigners interacting was the exchange of stories of legend and hometown folktales. One of the stories that originated in China was the story of Aladdin. Due to the exchanging of this story it was put into the famous book of Tales of 1001 Nights and immortalized. The Silk Road started at the end of the 600s when Islam was still fairly new. During the Crusades, the Christians that came took some of the Arab techniques
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2-GlobalInterchange - Kasha Mansfield-Skurski IAH 211D...

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