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Sociology Parenthood - PARENTHOOD(10/23 1 DEFINE PARENTHOOD...

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PARENTHOOD (10/23) 1. DEFINE PARENTHOOD, MOTHERHOOD AND FATHERHOOD. IS PARENTHOOD GENDERED? THAT IS, IS PARENTHOOD DIFFERENT FOR MEN AND WOMEN? Parenthood : raising a child, providing for them and caring for them emotionally and economically in the best ways that they know how; certain guidelines, rules, expectations in raising children institutionalized into the family; parents transmit to us about our culture, socialize us, what’s appropriate or not; very much a social status and social responsibility to children and not necessarily biological; varies by the circumstance Motherhood : loving and nurturing; more responsibility Fatherhood : placed meaning in what they were best able to do for their children, definition of most important aspects comes from their own interactions with significant others and from their understanding of life’s options; reflects ideals about the rights, duties, and activities of men in families and in society and generalizes to other social and symbolic relationships; if a man is physically capable he is expected to be working Roles : gender roles exist but motherhood and fatherhood is more fluid and parenthood is a better way to discuss it; how mothers and fathers practice parenthood is different but it is socially constructed and varies across time; very different cultural expectations on men and women 2. DESCRIBE HOW FATHERING IN THE UNITED STATES HAS CHANGED OVER THE PAST TWO CENTURIES. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MOST SALIENT CHARACTERISTCS OF MODERN FATHERING IN THE UNITED
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Sociology Parenthood - PARENTHOOD(10/23 1 DEFINE PARENTHOOD...

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