Sociology Topic Nine

Sociology Topic Nine - Topic Nine: The Elderly and their...

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Topic Nine : The Elderly and their Families (10/25) The Modernization of old age – Grandparenting Mortality Decline – Post World War phenomenon; demographic term used to describe deaths in any population, has two major consequences: means both men and women are living longer than ever before and women are outliving men; among elderly increasing number living beyond 75 and 85 Fertility Decline – births In a total population; know that historically women had more children than having today and did it over a lot longer of their childbearing age; no longer active as a parent can give increasing attention to themselves and being a grandparent – own rules, guidelines, roles Rising Standard of Living – older people have much more money on average; main reason is because they receive plenty of money from the federal government – social security, Medicare; very old most likely to live in poverty because as live longer eventually run out of money; women are living longer so their standard of living might not be as good or maybe because among the older women were not involved in labor force so did not benefit as much from social security; proportion just above poverty is increasing dramatically – nearly poor group many argue is much more vulnerable in life (tweeners); in the future will be spending increasing amounts on the elderly; because of rising standard of living some elderly parents are less dependent on their adult children economically: inter-generational wealth flow (for a long period of time money went up so that adult children support parents, but now as the elderly have improved economically they are now helping their adult children and grandchildren) Living Arrangements – vary dramatically between women and men; dramatic increase in percentage of women who are living alone, also among women
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Sociology Topic Nine - Topic Nine: The Elderly and their...

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