Sociology Topic Seven Divorce

Sociology Topic Seven Divorce - 1 Topic Seven Trends in...

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1 Topic Seven: Trends in Divorce and Remarriage (11/06) – First after Exam 2 Eras of Divorce Restricted divorce (before 1950s) – very difficult to obtain a divorce, strong male dominance in marriage, divorce in this era through annulment, granted to the wealthy, but more marital disruption greater than reported divorce Divorce Tolerance (1950-1970) – sympathetic to abandoned women, more and more women asking for and granted divorce, recognition marriage was no longer and economic relationship, increasingly appropriate to divorce if no longer emotionally satisfied, transformed from a very rare event granted mainly to wealthy men to a more common event but still frowned upon and increasingly available to women, had to prove someone at fault, couldn’t just be because you wanted to – fault-based divorce Unrestricted Divorce (Post 1970) – fault-basis removed, becomes an individual right, view was if marriage isn’t working out I shouldn’t have to stay in it, reflective of the shift from companionship to independent marriage, role of the group to the individual, changed from a way for wealthy men to protect their property to for individual happiness (moved away from economic process), as more people have the option to divorce, they did Trends in Divorce Divorce has been increasing, changes in trends, reflect changes in society After WWII divorce rates went up US has highest divorce rate of any Western country, more incentives to stay married or greater penalties for divorcing in other countries, could be influenced by religious beliefs in other countries, related to lower marriage rates and higher cohabitation rates Factors Associated with Divorce Society made First factor affecting – no-fault divorce law, but divorce rate didn’t sky-rocket until several years after Shift to self-fulfillment and well-being becomes key in marriage see an increase in divorce Increase in women entering the labor force see a rise in divorce Individual Coming from a divorced family, more likely to divorce
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2 More children, more invested in family; age of children Religion Socioeconomic status – poor are more stressed, more likely to divorce
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Sociology Topic Seven Divorce - 1 Topic Seven Trends in...

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