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Social Class Documentary

Social Class Documentary - 3 How can things(cultural...

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Social Class Documentary - Anthropology 1. How do people in the video define class? What does this tell you? Clothing, size of house and decoration, occupation, car, income, neighborhood, education, type of food eat, upbringing, proper language manners and treatment of others, opportunities, stance and body language, style – appearance, attitude 2. What do the choices that people make tell us about social class? Things they buy/surround self with show what class trying to be in or project – things in house, food, clothing, etc.; schools send kids to – private school showing high class; desire to be perceived one step ahead – try to choose to buy things as those in a higher class would;
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How can things (cultural artifacts) tell us about social class and stratification? Fancy, unique things show us higher class, 4. Think about and identify some of the ways that social class is displayed in the video. • High Class - Money, family name, appearance and attitude that they belong, know each other and families, houses and decorations, highly educated, polite, cultured, manners, exclusive – either belong or don’t not easy to move into • Middle Class – all Americans, what most feel comfortable as labeling self • Low Class – little education, incorrect speech, appearance, clothing, occupation, activities, actions, house, neighborhood, how they’re treated...
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