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Sociology Movie - • Believes everything will change with education • Those with associate degree earn 30 more than those with a high school

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Sociology Movie – Living Paycheck to Paycheck (11/08) Workers making minimum wage, can’t make a good living Works in a nursing home, only makes enough to cover rent, must work over time Husband avoiding child support, average amount of support a year is $1331, 31% avoid Daughter has cancer Security guard, little room in city so can get to work Waitress in a divorce, goes out of county to go to food pantry Has three dependent children After Christmas will lose most everything – house, car, internet Parent of five, full time parent, full time employee Receives paycheck, plus Medicare, food stamps, etc. Sexually abused by her uncle, mother burned skin off her face, ran away and placed in place where she works now
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Unformatted text preview: • Believes everything will change with education • Those with associate degree earn 30% more than those with a high school diploma • Not keeping rise with inflation • Developed contract for security guards who went on strike • Got to go see his kids he couldn’t fly to see for so many years • Lost his job but union helped him get a new job in a different building • Real pay for low wage workers is less than it was 30 years ago • Divorce cost her 10000 dollars • Working parents with children make up half of the people who use food pantries • Families with single mothers are 5 times more likely to be poor • With sick daughter and grandkids was able to get financial help from social services...
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