Sociology Promises Questions Class 2

Sociology Promises Questions Class 2 - What does the title...

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What does the title of the book reveal about the mothers and their beliefs about marriage? (10/16) The only promise they can keep is to their children, not their husbands. Don’t want to get married and make promises they cannot keep. Chapter 3 “How does the dream die”? 9. To fall in love and maintain a stable relationship, dissolve because of economic issues, infidelity, violent physical and mental abuse, criminal behavior and incarceration, alcohol and drug abuse. It’s not just whether there’s economic strain but also about spending habits and work habits of these men (drugs, being fired or not actively searching for work), would earn enough money to provide some for mother to provide for the family. Good father to these women – one who provides economically through a “real” job or legitimate means, being able to support and provide for their family, the emotional bond with the mother and child is far more important than any with the man. 10. Reject the drug dealing on “symbolic and practical grounds” because drug addicts in the house provide a bad role model for their children. Also sends them to jail and in jail the father is of no use, with no job. Symbolic – dependable, respectable and legitimate job and economic dependence. Drugs and guns used for dealing were in the house if social services came would take child even though the mother is doing as she is supposed to. Gave reasons for abuse from father as a result of being addicted to drugs and
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Sociology Promises Questions Class 2 - What does the title...

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