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Sociology Trivia (9/25) Married people tend to live longer than unmarried people – True because more likely to not smoke, drink, be out at night; be in harms way – sacrifice for you spouse The pill is now the most commonly used method of fertility control among married women in the US – False it is tubal ligation because once has all the kids she wants why not, it’s the women’s responsibility, also deals with the medical culture in America There is a positive relationship between increased longevity and increased divorce (the more likely you are to live, the more likely you are to get divorced) – True In all societies of the world females outnumber males at the older age – True there are
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Unformatted text preview: more baby boys born than baby girls but overtime but they die out faster • The highest fertility rates in the world were found among the huttorites. It is estimated that women belonging to this group averaged about 11 births in their lifetime. Exam Review • Multiple choice and true/false • 67 questions • Key concepts • Readings – a couple questions from each • Presentation – several questions • Born Rich movie – 1 or 2 questions • No names except a few sociologist in class mentioned several times • General ideas when there are numbers (more, less, most Americans, etc.) • Lectures: Introduction, History, Class – distributed evenly **need bubble sheet and pencils...
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