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American History - Feb. 4 History: American Imperialism...

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Feb. 4 History: American Imperialism Americans were trying to figure out how to impose order on the expanding society To exert powers over seas in unprecedented ways at the end of the 19 th century and confronted American elites with new questions Was it possible to reconcile American power with the kind of racial and social order they were trying to create in the US? American power was protected over seas How did Americans come to terms with emerging power? Manifest Destiny of English speaking Americans to spread American values and institutions to the less fortunate peoples around the globe o Most important proponent of this idea: American evangelist Josiah Strong, in book published in 1885 he promised that God was preparing mankind to receive our o God was preparing the world and it was up to the Americans to civilize the rest of the world and remake it in its image o Encouraged Americans to use commerce and missionary work to shape mankind But US did not have a strong military power Another powerful voice for American imperialism came from Alfred Mahan o Convinced a number of very influential Americans( including Theodore Roosevelt) that the nation must turn its eyes outward to seek the welfare of the country o Called for a program of economic imperialism, US would build up its
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American History - Feb. 4 History: American Imperialism...

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