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History Reconstruction - Jan 14 and 16 History...

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Jan. 14 and 16 History: Reconstruction 1865 these issues became pressing 1. On what terms was the nation going to be reunited? 2. What were the implications of the Civil War on citizenship? 3. What would be the future of the nation’s economy? Views on the Southerners and their return as a part of the Nation: Did Southern states have any legal standing that the US was obligated to recognize? o Confederacy spent more money then they ever had o Were the states of the Confederacy conquered territory (like in the Mexican War) and the terrain wiped clean? What were the former states of the Confederacy? Many Northerners believed that the white Southerners gave up their citizenship with acts of treason – so thus the states were conquered territory Lincoln insisted the Civil War was an insurrection o His view had important implications: meant nation was not torn apart o Viewed only some people as committing treason, so Southern states still existed; just had to restore their rights as soon as possible o Developed 10% Plan – once 10% of the state had pledged allegiance to the US again, white Southerners could vote and return to Congress o Plan premised on the idea that the most important thing was to restore the nation; no radical transformation of the South as conquered territory (Lincoln’s ideas) Lincoln was assassinated and Andrew Johnson became the new President o Pursued similar course of Lincoln with rapid restoration o Handed pardons to Confederate officers and politicians o 1861-1865 history would disappear Northerners wanted different things than the President o Reporters said unrepenting white Southerners who weren’t willing to concede anything 1
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Jan. 14 and 16 o Fall 1865 white Southerners voted for new state governments and Congressmen, electing many of the same politicians of the Confederacy, including the former VP of the Confederacy; the Northerners would not allow this What terms would the nation be restored? Resolved by response of Northern politicians to the intransinance of white Southerners 1857 South divided into districts presided over by former Union generals, no other capable bureaucracies, certain preconditions established before Southerners seated in Congress Two policies imposed on the South (and nation as a whole) (13
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History Reconstruction - Jan 14 and 16 History...

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