History Rise of American State

History Rise of American State - Feb 6 History Rise of the...

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Feb. 6 History: Rise of the American State Late 19 th century to present day Neither inevitable nor steady Tensions and contradictions crossed currents In order for the citizens to expect the government to accept more responsibility, had to adjust views on their liberties and the threat the states posed on their liberty Practical challenges – who will pay for it, whether or not the government would have the bureaucratic capacity to do the things that Americans expected it to do States and federal governments both gained more responsibility but ideology of laissez- faire and Social Darwinism were still present At turn of 20 th century state does expand its capacities but doesn’t expand in ways that allow the sate to take on the most challenging problems that the US faced None of the expansions of state power were sufficient to enable the state to tackle the problem of labor vs. capital – biggest problem of 19 th century but no solution was achieved Where state authority expanded first and most was with regard to regulating morality, public health, and those groups that were euphemistically referred to as the lower orders Stood to regulate the behavior of American society Humanitarian zeal to protect the unprotected and a fear of moral decline Examples of Expansion of Power Segregation – think of as being explicit example of legalized oppression of a racial group o In the eyes of the reformers, it was a form of moral reconstruction because would separate what they believed to be a primitive race from a higher race o Accepted exceedingly intrusive form of social regulation o Dictated where people lived, how they acted in public, who you could marry, where your children went to school o Even in South opposed to national power, embraced the expansion of national
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History Rise of American State - Feb 6 History Rise of the...

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