History World War I

History World War I - Feb 18 History World War I Fulcrum...

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Feb. 18 History: World War I Fulcrum for American form policy 70 million men, 8 million died, virtually the entire young male population in Europe was drafted into the war Much more intrusive, activist state emerged at the end of WWI o # of federal employees: 1871 – 50,000; 1920 – 645,000 o State department: 1890 – 76, 1920 – 708 o After Spanish American war army never shrunk below 70,000 o US Navy – by outbreak of WWI had third most powerful in the world, by the end was the most powerful in the world Presidents had acquired new power at home to mobilize the American people – powers to some degree could see as an extension of the President’s constitutional power Wilson Administration Manipulated the economy to fuel the war – what products to produce, wages, hours, etc. 1917 instituted a draft, compelled military age men to support the war by fighting in it, extracted money from Americans to wage the war by raising income taxes (new innovation) and also by cajoling and prodding Americans to invest in liberty bonds Suppressed dissent with very heavy-handed propaganda through its committee on information, ways of trying to manipulate public opinion Demonstrated federal government had capacity for concentrated action on a scale that was unimaginable previously Difference in New Freedom and foreign policy – ideological committed politician that has to deal with unexpected circumstances and had to adapt policies to deal with these circumstances War allowed Wilson to project new freedom on a global stage He as an American President believed that his vision of new freedom, rooted in American political history and traditions, could be extended to people everywhere – with that in mind Wilson sat down on Jan. 5, 1918 to come up with a plan with a new world order Two hour meeting by the end of which they had “finished remaking the map of the world” 1
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Feb. 18
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History World War I - Feb 18 History World War I Fulcrum...

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