Involvement in WWI

Involvement in WWI - March 17 History Involvement in WWI...

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March 17 History: Involvement in WWI WWII changed everything but also after was a consequence of decisions made before the war Idea of the American State adopting a hands off approach to the economy and instead using fiscal policy, taxing spenders, to create sustained American economic growth which in turn would address problems of capital and labor Moves from period of ongoing economic crisis to period of ongoing economic affluence Franklin Roosevelt’s third administration during WWII, came up with a vision for America’s role in world affairs served for post-war diplomacy for four decades End of 1930s New Dealers came up with an economic vision that would shape American domestic life for the better part of a half century Containment that would shape American foreign policy Containment Origins: Roosevelt elected in 1932, dealing with banking crisis and foreign policy not a significant issue, did try to improve relations with Latin America Powerful current of isolationism in the 30s in the US, rooted in the old idea of George Washington’s warning to steer clear of foreign entanglements because the oceans buffered the US from serious threats Lessons Americans drew from WWI, discouraged Roosevelt from being actively involved in drama in Asia and Europe Between 1938 and 1941 Roosevelt and diplomats realized ambitions of Germany and Japan posed serious threats to the US Roosevelt and advisors drew a lesson that would be as important for American foreign policy as Wilson’s 14 points: No set of adversaries should be allowed to gain control of the resources, the people, the territory of the Eurasian heart land (Western Europe,
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Involvement in WWI - March 17 History Involvement in WWI...

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