McCarthyism - March 26 History McCarthyism The red scare...

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March 26 History: McCarthyism The red scare Presented as moral plague McCarthy depicted as villain, undistinguished military veteran who ran for the Senate for Wisconsin and was able to take advantage of his wartime service in politics Contradictions: against homosexuals in state department while two of his most prominent aids were very conspicuous homosexuals Moment of transformation in how Americans as a whole thought about the relationship between Americans standing in the world and its public life at home Work in Senate is a manifestation of something much more significant Not a moral plague in which the bad guys (one party) and other party, was a bipartisan effort This emerging anti-communist crusade played a crucial role in legitimizing the US adopting a permanent wartime footing Notion of standing permanent army was foreign to Americans before WWII Americans had to simultaneously accept that the US would become an international power with duties across the globe and that they would have to spend a great deal of money to achieve this History of the Communist Party in the US After Russian revolution in 1918, communist party was organized in the US and committed to the ideas of the International Communist party Did not fare well in the 1920s and into the 1930s, there was suppression of the Communist parties in the US in the aftermath of WWI 1
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March 26 Not until the late 1930s that the Communist party really enjoyed any measure of significant support in the US, because of the foreign policy of the Soviet Union As the Soviet Union had more pressing threats from Nazi Germany, Soviet Union encouraged other Communist parties to seek allies against the fascist parties When US entered war against Germany, the US was now allied with the Soviet Union Major circumstance: Communists were active in labor movement, but argued against their unions during the war because would hurt the war and also against African American groups because cause too much attention away from the war
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McCarthyism - March 26 History McCarthyism The red scare...

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