Anthropology Ch13

Anthropology Ch13 - Anthropology: 9/6 Themes/ Questions:...

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Anthropology : 9/6 Themes/ Questions: Class – power, prestige, authority, status, social mobility, ideology Caste as a form of social stratification Why does inequality exist? Is it natural? What degree we have access to the following: resources, prestige, power, status Social Stratification: stratified society is one that has permanent, formal social and economic inequality. In stratified society some can be denied to basic resources that he or she needs to survive. Talk about as if exists in layers: upper, middle, lower classes Prestige – roles in a society and the value we place on those roles Doesn’t occur much in foraging or social agricultural societies because they have the capacity to persuade and are less dependent on others – jack of all trades. More complex a horticultural society becomes, more we see the development of stratification. Stratification emerges in a society; try to figure out when and where it emerges. More we live in permanent settlements, more we become dependent on agriculture, have private property rather than communal property. Has an evolutionary development. Intensive agriculture facilitates stratification. Through intensive agriculture we now grow bigger cities, can support cities because create a surplus we can store. Allows us to support empires, contemporary states.
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Anthropology Ch13 - Anthropology: 9/6 Themes/ Questions:...

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