Anthropology Chapter 15

Anthropology Chapter 15 - 1 Anthropology Chapter 15:...

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1 Anthropology Chapter 15 : “Religion” Religion – a social process that helps to order society and provide its members with meaning, unity, peace of mind, and the degree of control over events they believe is possible What religion does in society : searching for order and meaning, reducing anxiety and increasing control, reinforcing or modifying the social order Cosmology – a system of beliefs that deal with fundamental questions in the religious and social order Characteristics of Religions : sacred narratives and symbols, the world of spirits and sacred powers, religious rituals, means of addressing the supernatural Sacred narratives – stories held to be holy and true by members of a religious tradition. Sacred narratives tell of historical events, heroes, gods, spirits, and the origin of all things Anthropomorphic – having human shape Zoomorphic – having an animal shape Naturalism – endowing features of the natural world, such as rivers and mountains, with spirit, soul, or other supernatural characteristics Anthropopsychic – having though processes and emotions similar to humans God – a named spirit who is believed to have created or to control some aspect of the world Polytheism – belief in many gods Monotheism – belief in a single god Trickster – a supernatural entity that does not act in the best interests of humans Mana – religious power or energy that is concentrated in individuals or objects
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Anthropology Chapter 15 - 1 Anthropology Chapter 15:...

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