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The future of popular music

The future of popular music - It may not be common fact but...

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It may not be common fact, but music is (aside from eating and sleeping) one of the most important things in a college students life. Music is entertainment while walking to class, something to listen to while doing homework, or even something to help pass the time in that one class that is just too unbearable to devote all of your attention to. Let’s face it, with evolving technology CD’s are a thing of the past. They are soon to become collectors’ items like the ever-so-popular record did in the 1990’s. Digital media, with millions of songs to illegally download, is quickly fitting into today’s go big or go home lifestyle. Now, the MP3 player is making its way into everyone’s heart and ears. It holds all your favorite songs from the past and even the hot new songs on the radio. Some of this music may come from a personal collection, but most (be honest) comes from downloading. The cause of the downloading frenzy is the simplicity and availability of the process.
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