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Anthropology Research

Anthropology Research - Anthropology(8/28 Themes...

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Anthropology (8/28) Themes: Objectivity vs. Subjectivity Holism vs. Opposite views or perspectives Doing ethnographic/anthropological research What do anthropologists do? Terms: Postmodern turn Positivism Objectivity Subjectivity Reflexivity; representation Empirical science Native anthropology Feminist turn Political economy Research Process: Anthropology defined by long-term research and fieldwork Early anthropologists studied vicariously (outside source) through account of explorers, etc. and not through fieldwork; these anthropologists are veranda anthropologists Imperial anthropologists – did not fit in with cultures and customs of those they studied Early anthropology – ethnocentric, racist, imperialist
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Objectivity and Subjectivity Anthropology began to prove as science – imperialist and positivism attitudes Both a humanity and science – to prove as science is a struggle Realized value of long-term study based on living with people unlike oneself – what they’re doing and thinking from their perspectives = fieldwork Boaz: focused on cultural details; helped develop fieldwork Malinowski: created a model to get at their point of view; saw as an essential goal that the ethnographer “grasp the native’s point of view, his relation to life, to realize his vision of his world” Cross-Cultural Perspective Should strive to collect as much detailed data as possible to grasp how species are the same and different Most often used to test hypotheses abut cultural correlations and causes Helps to prevent generalizing about human nature or making assumptions about cultural correlations based on only a few cultures
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Anthropology Research - Anthropology(8/28 Themes...

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