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Anthropology RRI - 1 Roots and Ideology (11/08) 1. What 2....

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1 Roots and Ideology (11/08) 1. What is ethnographic about RRI? First hand experience and interviews Emic perspective Fieldwork Reflexivity 2. What are some examples of rituals and recurrent symbols? Water – idea carries great salience in Africa, in reference to the great flood, baptism Snakes Plants Witchcraft Idealizing going back to Africa Lots of after death rituals – duppys Cultural rules that work there, cultural procedures that are followed Moon – fertility, sun – male Colors – red, yellow, green; red, black, and green – what’s the significance of the colors? Dreadlocks – where does this come from? 3. What are some religious characteristics of the Rastafari? Revivalism – fights against racism, form of revolt against the white superiority 4. How does synchrotism (blending of cultural elements) manifest in the Rastafari?
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2 Slaves – African culture blended with the American culture RRI – chapters didn’t read Formation of the Rastafarian culture Are racially oriented socio-religious groups At some points described as back to Africa movement Created a new religion and a new identity, make them seem older and ancient Inborn conception – every black person, generally every human, has within their heart the potential to be a Rastafarian but they have to discover it
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Anthropology RRI - 1 Roots and Ideology (11/08) 1. What 2....

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