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Anthropology Social Movements - 1 Anthropology: Social...

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1 Anthropology: Social Movements (11/29) Things to gain: 1. Social movements are an engine of change 2. Why there are social movements 3. The different kinds of social movements 4. Social movements change over time and as technology changes and vary across space and time but there are commonalities. Social Movements: They are focal to social and cultural change but they are not change. Sometimes they are the product of social change. They are a source of conflict because they are so closely tied up with change. C Carry new ideas and make us aware of problems that are not fully voiced. Seek solutions and do the things that status quo people do not do- the people in power trying to keep things the way they are. They can be the moral voice of a society because they point us to what people think is right and wrong and what they think is good and bad. Articulate publicly what we all may know but do not say. For instance, the Civil Rights movement. Without a movement such as this one what we knew was wrong could continue and be reinforced by the law itself. They are treated by many scholars as a modern phenomena. 1450- present The printing press is important because it exponentially increased the number of people that could communicate with one another, transatlantic voyages increase, primitive accumulation, rise of capitalization, ect. made this an era of change. They are not limited to the modern era. They come with social stratification and inequality. One example could be Christ and His followers: prototypical millenarian and messianic movement. They questioned the leadership and believed in a new doctrine and they were deemed a threat. They were both and inward and outward focus movement. Inward b/c they wanted to change how they related to each other and how they behaved
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Anthropology Social Movements - 1 Anthropology: Social...

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