NST10 - Lect5 proteins

NST10 - Lect5 proteins - Food Utilization versus Size...

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1 Food Utilization versus Size Animals 1 steer 300 rabbits Total body weight 1300lbs 1300lbs Food consumption/day 16.5 lbs 66.66lbs Heat loss/day 20,000 kcal 80,000 kcal Duration of 1 ton of hay 120 days 30 days Gain of weight /day 2 lbs 8 lbs Gain from 1 ton of food 240 lbs 240 lbs 1 Functions of Body Protein Nitrogen Balance B = I - (U + F + S) B= Nitrogen balance I = nitrogen intake U = urinary nitrogen F = fecal nitrogen S = loss of nitrogen through the skin Protein (Nitrogen) Balance • A pregnant woman adds protein so she has a positive nitrogen balance. • A healthy person who is neither gaining nor losing nitrogen is in nitrogen equilibrium. • A person who is severely ill and losing protein has a negative nitrogen balance. An Amino Acid Is the Basic Unit of a Protein • Proteins are series of connected amino acids • Two types of dietary amino acids – Essential: must come from diet – Nonessential: can be synthesized in the body
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The primary structure of a protein molecule is determined by the sequence of amino acids connected by forming peptide bonds forming a polypeptide chain Amino Acids are classified by their physical behavior R 2 R 1 R 3 R 4 basic acidic nonpolar polar Types of amino acids Essential amino acid the group of amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the organism but are required by the organism. They must be supplied by the diet. Glucogenic the group of amino acids that produce enzymes that may be converted to glucose if necessary Ketogenic an amino acid that produces ketone bodies following chemical alteration of its carbon skeleton Nonessential
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NST10 - Lect5 proteins - Food Utilization versus Size...

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