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Weather Chapter 17 Notes

Weather Chapter 17 Notes - ATOC 1050 Chapter 17...

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ATOC 1050 Chapter 17 Thunderstorms Mesoscale Convective System (MCS): This is what develops when it is the warm season and there are subtle fronts as opposed to large warm and cold fronts. Frontal Squall Lines: Long lines of thunderstorms that develop during the cold season when fronts are more distinct. Supercell Thunderstorms: When winds increase rapidly with height ahead of a strong front, these may form. They are the most violent form of thunderstorms. They always have their own individual circulations and occur most often when there are strong winds aloft and the winds at about 1 or 2 km change direction and increase rapidly with altitude. Airmass Thunderstorms: These occur within the airmass as opposed to near any of the fronts. They are not severe. With these thunderstorms, winds aloft are usually weak as well as wind shear. There are three stages to these. 1. Cumulus Stage: The cloud consists of a plume of rising air, the updraft. This cloud rises vertically and
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