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Hinduism - Jennifer Harouni History 4 TA Kevin Scull...

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Jennifer Harouni History 4 TA: Kevin Scull January 23, 2008 Hinduism Characteristics of Ultimate Reality in the Vedas Ultimate Reality in Hinduism is the realization of one’s inner spiritual nature, becoming one with the Atman. Such Atman can be reached only when “evil ways are abandoned, and there is rest in the senses, concentration in the mind and peace in one’s heart” (13). All of this explains a person who surrenders his human will and all desires in order to reach Brahman and become immortal and pure. Ultimate Reality is conceived once a person fully understands that G-d is what he or she needs in his or her life and not the material possessions and other aspects of this life: “In truth, who knows Brahman becomes Brahman” (17). The Maitri Upanishad asks, “If men thought of G-d as much as they think of the world, who would not attain liberation?”(20). The Vedic texts explain that a person needs to see the one and not the many. One who wants to reach this
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