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EPS 20 L08 - Faults and earthquakes Thrust faults form...

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1 Where earthquakes occur Where earthquakes occur Reading: Bolt Ch 2 Where earthquakes occur Faults and earthquakes Thrust faults form mountain belts Where earthquakes occur Where do earthquakes occur? China records from 780 BC Japan records from 1600 AD some from 416 AD Greece to Afghanistan records from 300 AD some from early writing of the bible Where does the record come from? California records from mid 1800s Where earthquakes occur More than 30,000 dead Izmit, Turkey - 1999 More than 20,000 dead Bhuj, India - 2001 Bam, Iran - 2003 40,000 dead Sumatra - 2004 more than 250,000 dead or missing earthquake plus tsunami Pakistan - 2005 80,000 dead Where earthquakes occur Fatalities since 1900 Earthquake Turkey 20,000 India 30,000 Iran 40,000 Pakistan 80,000 Sumatra 250,000 Large fatality earthquakes keep occurring in the same location Where earthquakes occur Fatalities in the 20 th century Tangshan China 250-500 K Tokyo Japan 143 K Gansu & Xining China 200 K each Turkmenistan 110 K Messina Italy 85 K Peru 66 K Greater than 2 million deaths Earthquake San Francisco
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