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Jennifer Harouni Professor L. Ballerini Discussion 1C November 14, 2007 The Art and Architecture of Cooking Architecture is not simply the action of building or construction, yet more so the art of creating something that is functional yet aesthetically pleasing as well. In Bartolomeo Scappi’s The Opera, he relates cooking to architecture in that exact sense: It is necessary […] that a skilled and competent Master Cook, wishing to have a good beginning, a better middle and a best ending, and always to derive honour from his work, should do as a wise Architect, who, following his careful design, lays out a firm foundations and on it presents to the world useful and marvelous buildings (103). In this statement, all of the skills that a master cook should have are clearly presented through this architectural point of view. A cook, like an architect, must be able to satisfy a variety of tastes as everyone is not pleased by the same tastes and ingredient choices. Pellegrino Artusi captures this aspect of cooking in a dialogue between a master and his cook in Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well. On page 24, the master tells his cook of all the different
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Reaction_Paper_2 - Jennifer Harouni Professor L. Ballerini...

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