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Jennifer Harouni History 4 TA: Kevin Scull February 27, 2008 Islam Characteristics of Ultimate Reality Ultimate Reality in Islam is the same G-d that is worshiped in Judaism and Christianity. He, Allah, is the creator of all, and knows and hears everything. In Novak, “The Nature of G-d” describes the qualities of their G-d: “He knows everything that mankind have presently in hand and everything about them that is yet to be (…) infinite in power and wisdom” (289). He is omnipotent and omnipresent, and judgment rests only with him (288). From the “Traditional Ninety-nine Names of Allah” a depiction of Allah is given: “The Protecting Friend, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The All-Forgiving, The Loving, The Patient…” (290). He has power over all things in life including the “business of the Final Hour” (292). “On the Last Day he would judge people according to their acts and assign them to heaven or hell” (Partridge 357). In Muslim theology, he is more of a G-d who one reveres, and to whom one is obedient, as it is said that he is “without
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